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Our mission is to provide the most affordable and comprehensive range of products for pre-op & post-meta-op transmen, butches & drag kings etc. 

The revolutionary, Pee-Cock was launched in February 2011 and in November 2012 we have released the improved Gen2 Pee-Cock. This is not your ordinary Stand-to-Pee (STP) packer, it is a 3-in-1 Pack, Pee & Play (for sexual intercourse) prosthesis that is made of blends of very high grade premium silicone imported from Germany and USA. It feels like the real penis, flaccid for everyday packing and firm enough for sexual intercourse when desire. It does not have that tacky feeling that most packers have when they come in contact with water. The Pee-Cock uses a patent 'funnel' system instead of the common 'tube and spoon' method used by most STP packers in the market today. There is no protruding spoon that will poke you, or worse, drop out when you are engaged in physical activities. The Pee-Cock comes in three sizes, 4, 5.5 and 6.5 inches. They are in the flaccid state when wear on the body and the shaft hangs naturally like a bio men flaccid penis. There are 3 shades of brown skin tones available, you may choose from Light Brown, Moderate Brown or African Brown and the Caucasian skin shades of Light Beige and Beige. The colors are not airbrushed but integrated in the silicone itself.

To wear the Pee-Cock with confidence, we have designed two models of comfort harnesses, the Peecock Harness for your everyday wear and the Peecock Play Harness when using the Pee-Cock for Play (Sex). We have recently introduced the new JOCK harness to keep and hold the Gen2 Pee-Cock securely in place and also 3 new Underwear Harnesses, the BRIEF and BOXER harnesses which are both suitable to use for Packing and Playing. The Miracle GStrap Harness is the latest collection of harnesses.  

We also have 7 models of comfort binders designed to wear like any t-shirt, comfortable to put on and look good under other clothes. The BEST part is, Peecock binders flatten your chest without hurting.

Our range of products includes 3 sizes of 3-in-1 prosthesis, harnesses and different models of comfort chest binders to help you through your journey to Manhood!

As our slogan imply, our products were created to Make You Feel Good All Around.



Peecock Products is a FTM-owned company.


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