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5.5 Inch Triple Features Pee-Cock
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Pee-Cock - 5-5PC
Size: length: 14.0 cm , girth 10.5 cm, weight 200 g

This generation of Pee-Cock in 5.5inch are completely SOLD OUT! We are proud to announce that Gen2 Pee-Cock in 5.5inch and 5 skin tones are now available! Please click HERE to go to the product page of 5.5inch Gen2 Pee-Cock. Thank you!

The Pee-Cock is designed to be sleek and natural in appearance. The shaft looks and feels exactly like a flaccid penis and is realistic enough to pass at the urinal. You can stand and pee with ease and confidence through the built in ‘funnel’ system. The Pee-Cock stays in place under briefs, or you can use the Pee-Cock Harness which allows you to wear it under boxers or other loose clothings.

The Pee-Cock comes in three sizes, 4, 5.5 and 6.5 inches. They are in the flaccid state when wear on the body and the shaft hangs naturally like bio men flaccid penis. There are 2 shades of brown skin tones available, you may choose from Moderate Brown or Brown and the newly launched beige or light beige skin tone for Caucasian. The colors are not airbrushed but integrated in the silicone itself.

Pee-Cock 4 inch (Small) = US$129
Pee-Cock 5.5inch (Medium) = US$139
Pee-Cock 6.5inch (Large) = US$149

**Every purchase of the Pee-Cock comes complete with a custom fit 'erection rod' and a Pee-Cock design soft pouch.

Pee-Cock also work for guys who have had metoidioplasty surgery (with or without urethral lengthening) and bio guys with a micropenis! The ‘funnel system’ is designed specifically for the FTM anatomy (pre or post metoidioplasty), allowing urine to flow downwards to the shaft like a breeze. It takes only a couple of practices to perfect using the Pee-Cock. Stand-to-pee is easy with Pee-Cock. Once you have a Pee-Cock, you never want to leave home without it!


If you are looking to wear your Pee-Cock for the whole day as a packer and a STP device, the 4" Pee-Cock is the most comfortable and closest to the real thing. The 4" Pee-Cock hangs between your legs and it is very natural looking. It feels just like a bio man flaccid penis and you can easily pass with the 4" Pee-Cock. You can use the 4" Pee-Cock for Play (Sex) if your partner likes it small.

The most ideal 3-in-1 packer in the market today is non other than the 5.5" Pee-Cock. This size packs nicely under your briefs and hangs naturally like an average well hung asian men. If you are around 1.7m tall with an average built, this 5.5" Pee-Cock is the size you should go for. Most bio men dream to have a well hung penis and the 5.5" Pee-Cock is just the right size for you. It is not overly long or bulky, it is designed to have enough length and girth for Play (Sex) and yet can be tuck in neatly under briefs or boxers. Using the 5.5" Pee-Cock to pee is really a breeze. Because of the length, you can simply flip out the penis shaft at the urinal and pee at ease. 5.5" Pee-Cock is our staff pick and extremely comfortable to wear daily and to use for Play (Sex) anytime. 

The 6.5" Pee-Cock is designed to cater for bigger men and those who prefer a bigger bulge. Don't be taken aback by the size, even though the 6.5" Pee-Cock is the biggest in our family, it is not extremely huge or overly sized. It is comfortable to pack the 6.5" Pee-Cock daily and the most satisfactory for Play (Sex) if your partner likes it with enough girth.

Pee-Cock Guide

PACKING: The Pee-Cock packs securely in your briefs without using a harness, or you can use the Pee-Cock Harness which allows you to wear it under boxers or other loose clothing. It stays in place best by itself when worn under snug fitting jockey briefs. We recommend briefs with a pouch or with fly.
The Pee-Cock looks great when worn under swimwear and other athletic clothing, but we recommend wearing a jock strap or Pee-Cock Harness during vigorous physical exercise.  

PEEING: You will need to unbutton your pants at the waist then lowering the zipper. Spread your legs apart and position the ‘funnel’ so that it covers the whole area of your vaginal. Hold the lower base of the scrotum with firm pressure against the lower end of your vaginal with one hand, and with the other hand point the shaft downward. You should position the ‘funnel’ such that it cups your bottom area fully and urine will not leak from the back. You should be able to urinate freely but control the flow of your urine to ensure a smooth flow. After urinating, make sure you drain out any access urine in the ‘funnel’ by lightly pushing the scrotum forward to allow the rest of the urine to drain out. Hold the shaft and shake it 2 or 3 times to expel the last drops. Tuck it back in your shorts and walk tall! 
TIPS: To ensure an easy flow of urine without much control, you can leave a small opening at the top flap.

PLAYING: To use Pee-Cock for sexual intercourse is easy. Simply insert the ‘erection rod’ (provided when you purchase your Pee-Cock) into the ‘funnel’ until the tip of the ‘erection rod’ is in line with the opening of the glans head. The base (bigger end) of the ‘erection rod’ should rest on the small opening of the ‘funnel’. The penis shaft is erected, firm up and ready for actions. Before you start to use Pee-Cock for penetrative sex, always wear a condom over Pee-Cock to maintain safe sex for your partner. Never insert the ‘erection rod’ over the opening of the glans head, you can cause serious injury to your partner.  


External: Rinse the outer surface every night with water and a mild antibiotic soap. Flush your ‘funnel’ with mild soap and water. A liquid antibacterial soap applied with your finger or a Q-tip is ideal. Blot dry gently with a soft towel or allow to air dry and you are ready to use your Pee-Cock again.  



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  anonymous - Jun 30 2012, 01:00 AM

"This has to be the best thing ever, it actually works for everything. I haven't tried it for sex yet but will soon. They ship it very fast and it gets here before the recommended date. Overall Awesome and Peecock needs more of a thanks then they are getting."

An incredible product

  Anonymous (USA) - Apr 25 2012, 00:19 AM

"I purchased my peecock 5.5 about 3 weeks ago, and I wanted to use it for a while before writing a review on it. I am truly satisfied in my experience with this product. The stp function works brilliantly, though it took me a few days of trail and error to figure it out. Now I pee confidently at the urinal without worry of an accident, or concern if my dick passes at a glance. The sexual function is incredible, quite possibly my favorite reason for buying this. My girlfriend loves it, says it feels and looks very realistic, and the size is perfect. Every prosthetic we tried using before was unrealistically large and hurt her, with the peecock I've noticed that the penetrative part of sex lasts a lot longer and she enjoys it more. The best part about it is I am stimulated by the back end of the erection rod, to climax. Overall the peecock is a great prosthetic, and has completely changed the way I feel about myself, in the restroom, in the bedroom and just in general. I would recommend this product to any transguy."


Product Feedback

  KJ (USA) - Jan 13 2012, 13:20 PM

"I'm simply writing with feedback from my experiences with my new peecock. I'm extremely happy with the product as far as using it to pack and to STP. However, I'm not happy with it's lack of functionality for sexual intercourse. I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I highly recommend it for any transgender man. I'm just not able to use it for "play" since the rod protrudes from the end when used for sex. I was also displeased with the harness used for "play" since it was very uncomfortable and the velcro will not stay closed. However, I'm extremely happy with the daily wear comfort harness. It's very effective and comfortable to wear all day. I appreciate your product and will continue to use it daily, as well as recommend it to my friends. I also purchased the height increasing insoles, which I'm also very pleased with. They are both effective and comfortable. Thank you again for what you do."

Better than LolaJake

  Chris Ryan (USA) - Jan 13 2012, 07:01 AM

"I have several different pack and pee's, including a Lola Jake model. The Peecock is the best stp I've tried yet. Successful from the very first use, no leaks, no problems. Very comfortable to wear. The Lola Jake model is hard and uncomfortable. The Peecock actually feels like a flacid penis. Very slim girth, though. I am only using this stp for pack and pee; not play. Definitely worth the money."

5.5 peecock

  Silas (USA) - Oct 26 2011, 20:38 PM

"This is the best thing that has happened to my life in a long time. I was very unsure on how the peecock would do as a stp, but it works amazingly. I have had it for four days and have already mastered the art of standing to pee. The play feature is very nice. It has a realistic feel. It's a life saver for any trans man like myself who really suffers with dysphoria "down there". Packing with the peecock makes me feel so at ease. I don't have a huge bulge that makes it look like I have a boner all the time, which I think is good. It's very comfortable. I would recommend this to any trans man, no matter how far into transition. It's well worth the money. Very quick shipping! Perfect size. I'm just in love with this thing, and so is my wife!"

Finally got my Pee-Cock

  Charles (USA) - Oct 12 2011, 17:52 PM

"I've read so much good reviews about the Pee-Cock and finally decided to get the 5.5 inch. What can I say, the Pee-Cock works very well for me! I wear it everyday for STP and it has become something that I cannot leave home without. The Pee-Cock has definitely improve my life. Thank you so much!!"

The 5.5 inch Peecock

  Brycey (Australia) - Oct 12 2011, 17:22 PM

"This is my first STPD, packer etc. My review on this product is simply - WOW. This is an amazing product. Just love it and won't be without it wherever I go. It is a lifelike packer, an awesome STPD, and, well, haven't tried it for play yet, but have no doubt it will be just as good. Thank you so much to Peecock Products. My only complaint would be that FEDEX messed up my delivery, but sorted now, which was all a bit annoying, but do NOT let that stop you from trying this product. It is exactly everything it says it is and more."


  Eli Cash (USA) - Sep 17 2011, 07:10 AM

"I ordered the 5.5 inch peecock and got it a couple days ago. What can I say its exactly what I've been looking for! I had a couple mishaps with the stp but once I figured it out, it was great. It stays warm when I pack it and is easily worn under boxers with the harness. My girlfriend even says it feels real when we use it to play. The beige isn't too bad of a skin tone but I would have liked some tone difference between the head and shaft to make it more realistic this being the reason for the four stars. Thank you sssooo much!"

5.5 inch Peecock

  Jordan (USA) - Jul 28 2011, 04:39 AM

"Purchased a few months ago. I have tried SO many STP devices. This is the best and worth the money. Had to learn how to use it in the shower first. Peed down my leg the first time in public restroom. Problem was my pants were not down far enough and my stance was not wide enough. Would not use the urinal with pants down that far, just the stall for now. Very comfortable. Works best for me with the harness. Thanks, Peecock for a great product. PS. Don't have a partner - have not used the erection rod. It seems too long. If I cut it to shorten it, seems like the end would be too blunt because the smooth end is cut off."

A step above the rest

  Mitch (USA) - Jul 17 2011, 23:11 PM

"I am very satisfied with my Pee-Cock... it works very well...I love the 3-in-1 features. It works especially good for sex, my girlfriend loves it!!!! ... Your products ... are truly a step above the rest. PS. Keep up the good work!"

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