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2-in-1 Pleasure Rod
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2-in-1 Pee-Cock Pleasure Rod
Size: length: 99 mm , width 32 mm, weight 70-90 g

The First Ever Masturbator Kit for FTM
The makers behind Pee-Cock have certainly outdone themselves this time round. With the launch of the ultra realistic Gen3 Pee-Cock, they have also unveiled a new product known as the Pleasure Rod.

This is not be confused with the Gen3 bendable, hollow Erection Rod that can be fitted with the Gen3 Pleasure Kit. Just to set things straight, here's what you get when you purchase a Gen3 Pee-Cock:

• 1 x Gen3 Pee-Cock
• 1 x Custom Fit Gen3 Erection Rod
• 1 x Soft Pouch

You can also purchase the attachable/detachable Gen3 Pleasure Kit that comes in three styles: Original, Butt, Lips. Here's a look at how the Gen3 Erection Rod looks like with an attached Gen3 Pleasure Kit:

Pleasure Rod is a New Invention

The reason why we mention what Pleasure Rod is NOT before is to avoid any confusion that any customer might have by linking other products with this one. This new Pleasure Rod is a revolutionary product that the company, Peecock Products, has invented. It is the world's first ever masturbator kit for FTMs!

Here's how the Pleasure Rod looks like inside the Gen3 Pee-Cock:

You Can Now Jack Off Like a Cis Male!

When you insert the Pleasure Rod into your Pee-Cock and use it for masturbation, this allows you to jack off like the cis male and achieve ultimate pleasure on your own! By jerking the shaft of the Pee-Cock, the base of the Pleasure Rod will be pressed against your genital, providing acute stimulation and mind-blowing sensation.

The combination of the Pleasure Rod and the Pee-Cock makes this the FIRST ever masturbator kit for FTMs. So jack off like the cis male, feel like the cis male, and enjoy like the cis male!

Achieve Climax Together with Your Partner!

Many prosthetic penis products out there have failed miserably when it comes to the play element. This is not the case with the Pee-Cock. After inserting the Pleasure Rod, your Pee-Cock becomes realistically stiff and ready for play. Now, not only will your partner be pleasured by your Pee-Cock, you can also get into the action and achieve orgasm with her/him!

Features of the Pleasure Rod

• The Pleasure Rod consists of a 2-in-1 system with the rod and pleasure kit built as one new product.
• The pleasure kit is NOT detachable in this system
• Rod is made entirely of silicone with two different textures
• Main part of the rod is firm and hard which turns the Pee-Cock into an erected state when inserted
• Base of the rod is extremely soft to create stimulation and sensation
• You can choose from 3 different orifices (Original, Butt, Lips) for the base of the rod

The Pleasure Rod is a separate item and can be purchased separately. This is not included in any standard Pee-Cock purchase. So, if you want to experience the best action for yourself when you use your Pee-Cock for play, getting the Pleasure Rod is a must!

Pee-Cock 2-in-1 Pleasure Rod
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Compare Pee-Cock 2-in-1 Pleasure Rod with Gen3 Erection Rod + Pleasure Kit
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Rinse the Pleasure Rod with water and a mild antibiotic soap after use. Blot dry gently with a soft towel or allow to air dry and you are ready to use your Pleasure Rod again.


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