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V-Neck Full Length Binder
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The binding area is made of NEW IMPROVED Soft Velcro and the binder is made of soft materials to ensure comfort  featuring double layers of material in the front for maximum support, and comfortable single layer material in the back.
V-Neck front and the back is T-style.
User can easy adjust the width according to their chest.
It pulls on easily over the head and fastens firmly with velcro on the right side.
Since the binding area stops right on top of the belly, it won't cause any feeling of pressure.
Feature: easy to wear, simple, super comfortable, can be worn just like a T-shirt.
This range of Peecock chest binders are available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. Check the sizing chart for your size, but be aware that they run small. We strongly recommend that you order one size larger than the chart indicates. If you are near the top of the range for a particular size, or if you are a D cup or larger, you may want to go up by one size. CHEST BINDERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE FOR SIZE!


How to put on the VFLB580:

  • Put it over your head just like a T-shirt
  • Put in the left hand
  • Pull the left side of velcro to the right to a comfortable width
  • Adjust the clothes to the middle
  • Pull the clothes up a little bit under the arm
  • Pull down at the back a little bit
  • It will feel GREAT!

Wash and Care

Best way: Following this way will allow the binder to keep its style and binding effect the longest

  1. Soak in water for a while then gently hand-wash and dry it. Don't add any softener while you wash it.
  2. Allow to dry naturally, don't use dryer.

Easy way

  1. Put the clothes in an underwear washing bag, and wash together with other clothes in the washing machine.
  2. Allow to dry naturally, don't use dryer.


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Arrangement will be made for self collection.

If you wish to order/make payment via BANK TRANSFER, please transfer total ordered amount to POSB SAVINGS ACCOUNT 115-57676-3 and email details of your order (e.g. Model, Size, Colour, Your Name, Contact No., Address) to sales@peecockproducts.com or sms to 65-97876716. Please indicate that you have made payment by BANK TRANSFER and state if you wish to self collect or send by normal postage.

For International orders, if you wish to make payment via BANK TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER or WESTERN UNION, please select "PRINT ORDER FORM" at Check Out. You can follow the bank details listed to make telegraphic transfer of your total ordered amount to our bank account or use the name indicated in the form to transfer the payment to us through WESTERN UNION. Once you made the transfer, please email proof of your payment and order number to sales@peecockproducts.com or sms to +65-97876716. Your package will be shipped once we received full payment for your order.

IF YOU WISH TO SELF COLLECT AT FAR EAST PLAZA (Detrenz Hair Salon #04-06), PLEASE INDICATE IN THE (Delivery notes or comments) COLUMN during check out. THANK YOU.


You Won't Find a Better Binder for the Price

  Donald - Mar 06 2015, 08:28 AM

"I have been through a lot of binders. I have a unique situation. I am rather *ahem* well endowed up top and narrow torso'd. Most binders just don't work for me. The V-Neck Full Length Binder is the first binder that works. It is super comfortable (I can actually breathe) and super flattening. It is as close to custom you are going to get for the price. I am a b+ and it sculpts my chest into a super fit super hero's chest! Not exactly, but I look completely natural and you would never be able to tell I am well endowed. As a another reviewer has mentioned previously, this binder works best for small slender guys. If you are bigger than b+ (and some b+ chests may be at the limit - I have to attach the velcro at the outermost limits of the strip, but it is worth it for me), it's best to go to the Camouflage or Super Camouflage binder. I highly recommend this binder."

The Lexus of binders?

  Johnny (USA) - Feb 12 2012, 04:51 AM

"I received my binder today, in black. The post office chose to open it, presuming for inspection, and taped it back up entirely. The garment, invoice and care card were still enclosed, all clean and in good condition, so no worries there. I put it on immediately and I cannot believe it. I'm sporting a healthy looking man-chest, bound down from a C-D cup, in utter comfort. The material is silky soft, the closure was easy to do on myself even with a shoulder injury and I feel no discomfort/rubbing/pinching like with compression vests. There is NO 'overspill' under the arms like with most binding solutions. I cannot recommend this binder highly enough. I'm never going back to rough compression vests. Thank you!"

If you are very petite, this works well

  ChildPrince (USA) - Apr 05 2011, 23:10 PM

"The biggest advantage to this binder is that it is so very hard to find V-neck compression shirts. I recommend this highly but should mention, it definitely is for someone who is very small in stature. I usually take the smallest size binder so this works for me, but just saying it does run small. +"


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